COVID-19 Information


Are You Up-To-Date on COVID-19 Vaccine?

Certain individuals may receive a second booster dose of mRNA vaccine 4 months after their first booster Click here for more information.

CDC Expands Eligibility for COVID-19 Booster Shots.

CDC is expanding eligibility of COVID-19 vaccine booster doses to everyone 5 years of age or older. Click here for more information.

Guidance as of May 20, 2022

Community Level COVID-19 Guidance

The CDC launched COVID-19 Community Levels as a new way to monitor the number of COVID-19 cases in communities and the burden that COVID-19 is placing on local hospital systems. The COVID-19 Community Levels combine the metrics of COVID-19 hospital admissions and hospital capacity data that are reported directly from healthcare facilities to HHS with case data to identify when a community is facing a Low, Medium, or High level of risk from COVID-19.

KDPH has aligned their guidance with the CDC’s Community Level guidance and has applied that framework to a map of Kentucky counties. KDPH will update this map on Fridays. Individuals can go HERE and see Bullitt County’s community level and the prevention measures that are recommended.


Quarantine and Isolation Calculator

A tool to help determine how long you need to isolate, quarantine, or take other steps to prevent spreading COVID-19.

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The tests are completely free. There are no shipping costs, and you don’t have to give a credit card or bank account number. You only need to give a name and address. Once you place an order, you’ll get an order confirmation number. If you give your email address, you’ll also get an order confirmation email and delivery updates. Anyone who asks for more information than that is a scammer. So, remember:
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As of January 20, 2022

KDPH has revised the guidance for isolation and quarantine for the general public in response to the changes presented by CDC last week allowing for shortened isolation and quarantine under certain circumstances. This guidance for shortened isolation or quarantine should not apply to high risk or congregate settings, K-12 schools, or childcare settings.


COVID-19 Vaccine at BCHD

BCHD has Moderna and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine available. We offer appointments within our clinic Monday-Friday by appointment only, ages 18 and older.

3rd Dose Available: (Moderna only) for those with moderately to severely compromised immune systems. Click here to see this list.

Please call 502-955-7837 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Please check other locations for vaccine availability in our area.

COVID-19 Testing Sites

**BCHD is NOT a testing site for COVID-19, please see below for a testing site available to you.

COVID-19 testing is available throughout the Commonwealth. If you need a COVID-19 test, please contact your healthcare provider, urgent treatment center, healthcare clinic, or pharmacy.

Some options that might be available to you include:


COVID-19 More Information

Have you tested positive? COVID-19 Patient Guidance (confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case, as of 01/20/2022)

As COVID-19 has shown to be widespread in Kentucky, measures to prevent further spread in the Commonwealth have been advised by Governor Beshear. The Bullitt County Health Department is committed to the safety and well-being of our community. We want to model this guidance and are supportive of community partners as they make difficult yet necessary decisions that best keep their employees and the populations they serve safe and healthy.

Actions and preparations are announced by Governor Beshear on a daily basis. Please visit the Governor’s website for the latest Full Press release.

For more information on COVID-19, please go to the following websites.

Centers for Disease Control

Healthy at Work (Kentucky State Guidance: updated regularly)

Kentucky Department for Public Health

A hotline has been established to address any concerns or questions you may have regarding coronavirus COVID-19. 1-800-722-5725