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The Kentucky Retail Food code defines a satisfactory inspection score as an 85% or above with no critical violations cited. If a facility fails to obtain a passing score, the business is ordered in writing to correct violations and a follow-up inspection is scheduled.

Businesses that fail to correct these violations are subject to further enforcement action.

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More information—-Scores: What do they mean?

Inspectors look for 58 potential items of violation, each of which is assigned a point value based on how it can affect a person’s health. The point values range from one to three, with one being least severe and three being most severe.

Most of the items on the inspection are weighted at one point which are non-critical. Others are weighted at two or more points because they are considered a higher threat and are called critical violations.

An example of a non-critical item is a hand washing sink in an establishment that is dirty or a refrigerator that doesn’t have a thermometer provided in or on it to monitor the temperature inside.

An example of a critical item is an employee failing to use a hand sink to wash hands between handling raw chicken and cutting up vegetables for use in salad; or potentially hazardous food items stored at a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit inside a broken refrigerator.

To calculate an establishment’s final score, the total of the points for all violations marked is subtracted from a total point value of 100.

For information concerning opening or operating a restaurant or other food service establishment, please contact the local health department. Additional information concerning food safety can be obtained from the Kentucky Department for Public Health.

For the most current Federal Food Code, click here.