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Maintain Don't Gain Holiday Challenge

Take the 7-week C.R.E.W. Maintain Don't Gain Challenge! If you can maintain or lose weight during the Holidays, you will be entered for a cash drawing at the end of the 7 weeks. We focus on ways to reduce stress, healthy holiday recipes, and ways to stay moving during the busy holiday season. There is a $10 fee for this program. The money goes back to the winners at the end of the program. At the beginning of the program, participants weigh in to have a starting weight and the goal is to not add weight during the 7 weeks of the holiday season. There will be giveaways given to everyone who joins the program as well. At the end of the program, those who maintained or lost weight will be put in a drawing for one of the cash prizes. Those who lose 5% or more will be put in a special drawing for a cash prize. Call 502-955-5355 to sign up for a time. Weigh in week is November 13-17, 2023. 


~Think Pink 2023~

Bullitt County Health Department and community partners are excited to bring BACK the "Think Pink" event!


Kentucky Medicaid Renewals Information

Please update your information as soon as possible!
Visit or call kynect at 855-4kynect (855-459-6328) to update your mailing address, phone number, email, and other contact information.
Kentucky Medicaid will then be able to reach you when it is your time to renew!

You can also get help from your local Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) staff and from kynectors. To find a kynector or your local DCBS office please visit

During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) the Kentucky Medicaid Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) made sure that all Medicaid beneficiaries kept their coverage. DMS paused all annual renewals. But soon DMS will resume annual renewals for Medicaid members. Members may be at risk of losing Medicaid coverage if we cannot reach them. Members should update their contact information as soon as possible and keep it updated so Kentucky Medicaid is able to reach them when it is their time to renew!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Medicaid renewals and the PHE. Review these before calling the kynect helpline with any questions. If you do not see the answer, call the helpline at 855-4kynect (855-459-6328).  or visit 

Save Lives with Prevention Awareness

Colorectal cancer, or CRC, is the second deadliest cancer in the United States. Every March, National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month spotlights this disease and inspires more people to get checked starting at age 45. Two reasons why getting checked matters: 

  • Screening can find the warning signs of colon and rectal cancer, letting doctors take action to prevent the disease. 
  • Screening can also find colorectal cancer early, when treatment is most effective. 

One in 24 people will be diagnosed with CRC in their lifetime, but you can make a difference today. Learn about ways to build awareness, how to get support, and more below. Tomorrow can’t wait!   

To Learn more, please visit:

Getting Vaccination Records Has Never Been Easier!

On the KYIR Public Portal, you can access a digital copy of your immunization records.

For more information, visit

If you are unable to access your immunization records through the KYIR Public Portal, please contact the KYIR Helpdesk at [email protected].

Kentucky Immunization Registry Public Portal

Kentucky Department of Public Health (KDPH) is excited to announce that you can now access and print immunization records through the new Kentucky Immunization Registry (KYIR) Public Portal. The records can help you learn if you and your family are up to date on vaccinations when compared to routine vaccination schedules as well as be provided to school, work and other entities that request immunization records. You can also access your COVID-19 vaccine information.

Monkeypox Virus Cases and Contacts

Kentucky Department of Public Health Outbreak 2022 Information and Resources

CDC is closely tracking cases of monkeypox that have been recently reported in several countries that don’t normally have monkeypox activity, including the United States.

Need a Vaccine, please click here to find a vaccine.

Click here to view guidance. As of July 12, 2022.

Monkeypox: What Clinicians Need to Know